Riders at the Sic Supermoto Day pay tribute to Doriano Romboni. (Photo: Dorna Communications)

Riders at the Sic Supermoto Day pay tribute to . (Photo: Dorna Communications)

Following the tragic death of Doriano Romboni in Italy on Saturday, after an accident at the Sic Supermoto Day, the FMI (Italian Motorcycle Federation) have decided to cancel the rest of the event as a sign of respect for the rider and his family.

Former World Championship Grand Prix race winner Romboni passed away on Saturday afternoon at the Santa Maria Goretti hospital in Latina, after suffering an accident at the event.

Federazione Motociclistica Italiana President Paolo Sesti commented, “After the tragic accident which claimed the life of Doriano Romboni we have cancelled the event as a sign of mourning and respect for Doriano and his family, to whom we show our support at this difficult time. In losing Doriano we lose a generous rider, a highly valued personality and a great coach, who was dearly loved and appreciated by everyone involved in international motorcycling.”

Romboni was one of the many stars taking part in this weekend’s Sic Supermoto Day event held at the Latina circuit in memory of the late .

Everyone at FOXSports.com and .com sends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Doriano Romboni.

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