Rookie sensation took control of the world championship with victory in the Grand Prix but at a high cost to team harmony within the squad.

And only time will tell if a post-race apology by Marquez to his bruised and battered teammate will be enough to heal a widening rift.

Pedrosa was unforgiving in his assessment that Marquez’s aggressive, high-risk late braking style is over the limit.

And the friendly fire between Marquez and Pedrosa will now trigger the intervention of Honda race bosses who insist they do not want to see repeat of the incident.

Tensions flared after Pedrosa made a dramatic exit from the race when a bump from behind by a late-braking Marquez triggered a freakish crash that put Pedrosa out of second place on lap six.

“The limit is when one guy puts in danger the other guys, this is the limit,” Pedrosa said.

“Not everything can be valid but if this is the case everybody should know that everything is possible, that you can ride over the limit and do this kind of mistake.

“There are some riders who are taking care not to crash into someone.  Many of us could be more aggressive and touching other riders but we don’t do it.

“We cannot have a mirror on the bike to see when it is going to come.”

While the actual bump was minor the consequences were brutal with the  traction control system on Pedrosa’s bike disabled, thus triggering a body-bruising high-side.

Not for the first time this season has Marquez left little margin for error with his dramatic braking move.

“In the entry to the corner Marc was too aggressive and he missed the braking and in trying to avoid me he touched the back of my bike and this cut the cable to the traction control,” Pedrosa said.

“When I touched the gas the next thing I remember I was flying.”

Pedrosa’s open discontent with Marquez’s style was heightened by his belief that he had the pace to attack race leader and Yamaha rival Jorge Lorenzo for the win.

After bumping Pedrosa and running off the track Marquez dropped two seconds behind but hunted down Lorenzo and claimed his sixth win of the season.

“For sure it was my mistake because I was behind but it was unlucky, Dani was in the same line and I went wide and the contact was almost nothing,” Marquez said.

“I thought I would lose two seconds running wide but then I saw him crash and immediately I realized it was a strange crash. But it was my fault, I was behind him.

“I braked earlier but the front wheel was locking and then I released the brake but then I was too fast and had to open the line. I need to be careful with this.”

Honda team spokesman Livio Suppo said it has not the first time Marquez has made this type of error mistake in close braking duels and that “this is something I think he needs to understand and he has to do something different.”

Sunday’s Aragon GP was Pedrosa’s 28th birthday but there was little cause for celebrations.

With four races remaining his title hopes have collapsed with Marquez on 278 points, Lorenzo (second in Aragon) on 239 with Pedrosa now 60 points adrift on 219.

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