GRENOBLE, FRANCE - DECEMBER 30: (FRANCE OUT)  Neurosurgeon Stephan Chabardes, anesthetist Jean Francois Payen, Assistant director general of CHU Grenoble Hospital Marc Penaud and Chief of Neurosurgery Emmanuel Gay are seen during a press conference at Grenoble Hospital on Michael Schumacher's medical state following his skiing accident on Sunday in Meribel on December 30, 2013 in Grenoble, France.

Photo Credit: by Michel Cottin/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

At a press briefing at the Grenoble hospital on Monday morning, surgeons confirmed that remains in a critical condition and is “fighting for his life.”

They confirmed that he has had only one operation thus far, to relieve pressure in his head, and that a second is not planned as of yet. Schumacher remains in an artificially induced coma.

The surgeons noted that he had suffered an impact on the right side of his head, and that without a helmet, “he would not be here.”

“He is still in a coma and he will be kept in a coma,” the surgical team said. “Everything that needed to be done has been done and is being done. At the moment we can’t really say what is going to happen, and when he will recover. We cannot answer this yet.

“He’s undergoing some treatments which are limiting the damage to his brain. We are trying to release pressure in his head. His situation is critical, it definitely is critical. We are working hour-by-hour, we cannot say anything more, we cannot speculate.

“He is in a critical situation, and we can say he is fighting for his life.”

“Despite the helmet we observes some very serious head injuries, so it was quite a big trauma to the head,” they continued. “What we observed initially was an impact on the right hand side of the head. He was agitated when he came in, he had some spontaneous movements, and he wasn’t in a normal state when he came in.”

The role of the helmet was stressed, saying aside from the severeness of the injuries, the helmet did help.

“We think that with the violence with which his head hit the ground, the helmet did help. Without the helmet, he wouldn’t be here now.

“The helmet obviously wasn’t enough to protect him completely, but it really did help.”

Meanwhile, Paris surgeon Prof Gerard Saillant, a close friend of Schumacher, said, “Honestly I came here not really as a doctor but as a friend, so I can’t really answer any technical questions.

“I am very worried just like any of his family, his children, his wife, we’re all very worried about his condition. The doctors won’t tell you more because they can’t tell you more. They are working hour-by-hour and it’s only at this level that you can take decisions.”


Michael Schumacher’s family has issued the following statement, thanking the medical team and fans for the well-wishes and support:

“We would like to thank the medical team who we know do everything possible to help Michael. We like to also thank the people from all around the world who have expressed their sympathy and sent their best wishes for Michael’s recovery. We would like to ask the media to respect the privacy of us and our friends and thank them for their support. Thank you.”

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