Frenchman Jean Todt currently leads the FIA. (Photo: Getty Images)

Frenchman currently leads the . (Photo: Getty Images)

The FIA Foundation’s director general, , has resigned his post in order to challenge Jean Todt for the FIA presidency.

In a statement, Ward said: “After much careful thought I have decided to stand as a candidate in the 2013 FIA presidential election. The election period begins in September and it will be necessary for me to approach FIA members to secure nominations. In these circumstances I think that the correct course of action is to resign.

“Election processes inevitably involve robust and lively debate, and whilst the foundation is independent and there is no legal requirement for me to resign, I believe that it is in the best interests of the charity that I stand down now.”

Formerly an advisor to the UK’s Labor party, Ward has been involved with the FIA since 1996, in a variety of roles. An associate of former president , he is very well-connected.

The FIA Foundation’s website reveals just how many hats he has been wearing of late: “He is the Executive Secretary of the independent Commission for Global Road Safety, a member of the Executive Board of the World Bank’s  Global Road Safety Facility, and represents the  FIA Foundation in the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and is the Co-Chair of its Vehicle Safety Project Group.

“He is also a Trustee of the International Road Assessment Program. David is also involved in environmental issues. He is co-chairman of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative and represents the FIA Foundation in the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles managed by the UN Environment Program.”

One close associate of Mosley told earlier this year that he would love to see Mosley return and challenge Todt. Ward will now pick up that support and possibly a bit more, as well.

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