Formula 1: Marko States Red Bull Will Continue To Press For Wins

2013 F1 World Champion and Infiniti celebrates with Dr Helmut Marko following the Indian GP. (Photo: Getty Images)

Red Bull motor sport boss Helmut Marko says that the Indian GP was a lot more stressful for the team than it looked from the outside, despite Sebastian Vettel’s huge advantage at the flag.

Marko adds that the team now wants to finish the season by winning the remaining races.

“We had this problem on Mark’s car with the alternator,” Marko stated. “And with an alternator, bang, it just comes, there’s not much you can do. We also had a risky strategy, coming in on lap two, and then I don’t know how many people Seb overtook – just to the people who say he can’t overtake! And everybody was really relieved and more than happy, and now we go to win the last three races, and then we think about 2014. That’s our passion, and our approach to racing. And that’s what makes us successful.”

Intriguingly, Marko says that Vettel raised his game in the latter part of the season.

“Unbelievable. He was already on a high level, but when he came back from the summer break it was a different step – no mistakes, always quick, using the tires in the right way. I think it was perfection.”

Regarding the misfortune that has hit Mark Webber so often this year, he pointed out that Vettel has not been immune to problems in the past: “There have been so many little issues with Mark’s car that were unfortunate, but that’s racing. Last year Seb had two alternator failures, he had engine failures in 2010, and so on. In the end it equalizes.”

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