Mark Webber will make his F1 final start in Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix. (Photo: Getty Images)

will make his F1 final start in Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix. (Photo: Getty Images)

Mark Webber will start his final Grand Prix in Brazil from fourth on the grid after struggling to get the best out of his intermediate tires on a drying track in Q3.

Meanwhile Webber is playing down the emotional resonance of his last weekend.

“The drivers’ briefing was interesting,” he said. “Just because the guys gave me a very good reception, and I had a little chat with them. Obviously your colleagues, they’re the ones that you work so hard to compete against over 17 years, and that means a lot to you, so that was quite touching.

“So, good to get a good reception off those guys, a lot that have obviously raced for all of my races, that was good. That was a bit of wake-up call, and tomorrow, but other than that, completely normal to be honest, mate.

“I’ll come in, I’ll do my normal prep, I’m not going to change much now. We’ll do what we can tomorrow, and if it’s like this it’s sensational for the neutral at home, but obviously on the pit wall and in the car it’s a super testing venue, as we saw today. Sergio dropped it obviously, so it’s easy to have some problems with this track.”

Webber’s former Red Bull Racing teammate David Coulthard’s last race finished on the first lap at this very venue.

“Of course, it will be nice to finish well. Coulthard was very unfortunate. Most of the time statistically a Grand Prix driver in his last race it’s his last race for a reason, it’s not because he’s at the top. Or he didn’t know it was his last race and got sacked over the winter. In my case I do know it’s my last race, I’ll go out there and do my best. Obviously there might be some things creeping into my mind here and there, but I’ll keep those out as much as I can, and just focus on the job at hand.

“Maybe tomorrow when I get into the car for the last time and step out of the car for the last time, that will be the most extreme case of emotions. If the Kleenex is out, I’ve made the wrong decision…”

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