F1: Stefano Domenicali Discusses Positives As Ferrari Drops To Third

team principal . (Photo: Getty Images)

Stefano Domenicali admits it was frustrating to lose second place in the constructors’ championship in Brazil after ’s drive through penalty cost vital points.

Nevertheless the team boss says there was much good to come out of the season.

“We’re frustrated in a way,” stated Domenicali, “because retrospectively of course without the penalty, which was a little bit too hard to Felipe, it would have been a different position. So that’s unfortunate.

“I’m happy at least that we finished a championship that was tough this year in the second half of the season with this result, happy for the team has always acted very, very well at the race track, with the pit stops, the strategy, no blow-up of the engine, I think the only manufacturer that did that. So I’m pleased to hear that. There are positive signs in a season that was not really very good and positive for us. At the end of the day we need to recover from the mistakes and the problems we had this year. I told to my engineers, heads down in the work, not a lot of words to say.

“The changes that we’ve done are the right ones to make sure that next year we’re fighting not for second position but to fight for the first, as we were here last year. And don’t forget here last year we without events that were out of our control we would have been in a different position.”

Domenicali stressed that it’s not that long ago that Ferrari was at the front of the field.

“We have a very short memory, because we were winning in May, not three years ago. Last year we were fighting to be first in the championship, because without the hit out in Japan and Belgium we would have won the title last year, so we need to be thoughtful about it. And we are second once again with the drivers’ championship. So the situation has to be considered for sure not positive, but F1 is made by details, so if you are able to improve certain things…

“And I think we have taken the right action in terms of organization, in terms of people, in terms of things that have to be improved. With the new regulations the situation hopefully will be better, but we don’t have to throw away the positive things that we have done during this year, because strategy wise, pit stop wise, I think we were the best, so we need to keep these things as a positive side, and grow in the areas, mainly in the development of the car and understanding of the tires, that were the real problem this year.”

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