F1: Nico Rosberg Takes To Twitter For Missing Helmet

’s stolen F1 helmet. (Photo: Courtesy of NicoRosberg.com)

F1 driver Nico Rosberg has a unique request for all of us. “Can you help me recover my stolen helmet?”

Rosberg announced on Oct. 17 via his website and social media that an unidentified individual crept into the team garage and walked off with his helmet.

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Rosberg stated:

My race helmet got stolen out of the security guarded team´s garage at Nürburgring GP on Sunday at 1.51 a.m. Check the FIA picture of the thief. Let us know if any of you see one on ebay or somewhere else. I have never given out an original race helmet. So if you see one then let us know. Thanks.

Here’s the initial statement made on Twitter.

As of Monday, unfortunately, Rosberg indicated the thief is still unknown and the helmet remains missing.

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