A look at Lewis Hamilton's Michael Jackson-themed helmet. (Photo: Twitter - @JasonFowlerJLF)

A look at Lewis Hamilton’s Michael Jackson-themed helmet. (Photo: Twitter – @JasonFowlerJLF)

Lewis Hamilton is ditching his traditional yellow helmet this weekend for a Michael Jackson-inspired lid.

The 2008 World Champion used Twitter to debut his new look, stating: “For the Austin race, I wanted to dedicate this helmet to my favourite artist MJ.”

On the top, it features a photo of the late King of Pop with a personalized message that says “we’ll always love you” on one side and “rest in peace MJ” on the other.

The side of Hamilton’s helmet features an iconic image from Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” video.

Hamilton isn’t the only driver sporting a new look this weekend.

, , and several other drivers joined in and broke out new helmets for this weekend’s United States Grand Prix.

Vettel is rockin’ (pun intended) an epic red, white and blue lid designed by Rolf Carsjens of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Hundreds of entries were submitted from around the country as part of a competition ran by Infiniti, but it was Carsjens’ unique design that caught Vettel’s attention. Infiniti has flown Rolf and his wife to the United States Grand Prix where they will spend the weekend enjoying VIP hospitality, including a tour of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing garage and meeting Vettel.

Grosjean’s helmet is a tribute to the late Steve McQueen, who was a famous American actor turned race car driver.

Here’s a look at a few other helmets you’ll see this weekend.



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