The Mercedes McLaren MP4-28 is seen at the McLaren Technology Center. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Mercedes MP4-28 is seen at the Technology Center in the UK. (Photo: Getty Images)

McLaren and Google have teamed up to allow race fans to take a truly one-of-a-kind journey around the McLaren Technology Center.

The center, home to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One team, does not allow fans to visit the actual building yet, but thanks to the Google Street View team, you can take a self-guided virtual tour around the legendary factory based in Woking, UK.

Although McLaren keeps you locked out of various top secret locations (and rightfully so), you can still explore places such as McLaren Boulevard where some of the most iconic Formula One cars are on display — including the McLaren MP4/4 that won 15 of 16 races in 1988. In addition, you can inspect McLaren’s trophy case which holds 50 years worth of coveted hardware.

“We’re pleased to be able to open our doors to the public, with the help of Google,” said team principal Martin Whitmarsh. “While we sadly can’t allow everyone to visit in person, working with Google lets our fans tour our legendary cars and have a good look around.

“I hope people are as inspired as I was when I saw the MTC for the first time.”

Click below to take the tour:

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