Felipe Massa Is Relaxed Since Being Dropped By Ferarri

of Brazil and attends the drivers parade before the Abu Dhabi GP. (Photo: Getty Images)

Felipe Massa says he’s been a lot more relaxed since it was confirmed that he would be leaving Ferrari at the end of the season.

Massa has outqualified five times in the past six races.

“I feel very relaxed, very relaxed, to be honest,” he said when asked how it had affected his approach. “And I think that’s the best for me, as well. You know, I can get inside the car to enjoy myself, to take the best out of the car, but enjoying and relaxing.”

Despite his recent form relative to Alonso, Massa says that 2013 hasn’t been a great season.

“For sure it’s not the best season for me. I can do much better than what I did this year, the last years. I think what is important to know is that I have the speed. I have the speed, I know how to win, I know how to be competitive, and we just need to try to put things together, and that’s what I’m trying. This season we had some very good races, but we had some very difficult races. Anyway, I’m looking pretty optimistic for the last races.”

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