Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali is pictured in the F1 paddock. (Photo: Getty Images)

team principal is pictured in the F1 paddock. (Photo: Getty Images)

Stefano Domenicali has pronounced himself pleased with the first outing of the Ferrari F14 T in Jerez last week.

After some early problems the car ran reliably, and while Mercedes powered rivals were ultimately faster, the team boss says that the aim was to put miles on the new machine and correlate its behavior with the wind tunnel.

“These were four very demanding and important days to give us something to work on over the coming days in Maranello,” Domenicali told the Ferrari website. “The technical parameters of the F14 T, as well as the aerodynamic validation we saw on track, match our expectations and provide a solid starting point, which we must now exploit as much as possible.

“In Jerez, we concentrated our efforts on fine tuning the new systems to ensure that all the components that make up the new power unit were working as well as possible, and the team was focused on its tasks. I was also very pleased to see, even if was hardly a surprise, how our drivers worked in harmony and that they have already provided excellent feedback relating to the development of the car.”

Despite his optimism Domenicali said it was way too early to make any judgements about the relative form of the top teams.

“We can’t evaluate performance levels at the moment, neither that of the F14 T, nor those of our rivals. The important thing is to do as many laps as possible to give our engineers the data they need to continue with the development of the car. It would be premature to make any precise evaluations. What counts for more is to have clear ideas on what we must do now and on the direction to take, so that we arrive in Melbourne in the best possible shape.”

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