Australian V8 Supercars
Dec 6

VIDEO: Race Car Driver Flips 10 Times, Walks Away Uninjured

Race car driver managed to walk away from a terrifying crash that saw his car slam into two walls and roll 10 times.

The crash occurred in an Aussie Racing Cars practice session at Sydney Olympic Park when Tuck lost control of his car and slammed into the outside wall, resulting in a vicious tumble down the track.

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Nov 6

Supercross: Golfer Ricky Fowler Talks Racing, Shows Skills On The Bike

Ricky Fowler’s penchant for racing is well-known. He was a serious motocross rider up until his freshman year of high school, when an accident broke his foot in three places.

As reported by

But he still tries to get on his dirt bike whenever he can. In his profile, he lists his biggest thrill outside of golf as being in the air on his bike.

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